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Solar Panel Protection Mesh UK - Bird Proofing Specialists

Solar Panel Protection Mesh UK

DKG Pest Control LTD have been specialising in bird proofing since 2008, in 2015-2016 we started getting enquiries about proofing solar panels to stop pigeons nesting under them.

Initially there wasn’t anything available other than glue on spikes which is never a good idea, so we spoke to our suppliers about developing a clip system to secure protection mesh to the solar panels. We didn’t want to be drilling or screwing into the solar panels or the frames, we had found a way of installing the protective wire mesh with stainless steel ties initially but once the clips were made, it was a game changer! Installation was much quicker and easier to get the mesh installed neatly.

Now we are one of the UK’s most well known solar panel proofing companies, providing protection for solar panel installation companies and domestic properties across the UK.

We have recently had to create separate branding for our solar panel bird proofing work as we have been subcontracting for so many other pest control companies we thought it was best to remove our pest control branding.

DKG Solar Panel Proofing UK

We are based in Berkshire and Hampshire but travel the country installing solar panel protection, we spend a lot of time in Essex, specifically Colchester. Also Milton Keynes and Northern Oxfordshire.

We are on the South Coast every week with areas such as Southampton, Portsmouth, Romsey, Andover and Hayling Island being very busy areas.

If you‘d like a quick and easy free quote please click here >> Solar Proofing Quote Request

Alternatively check out our website here >> Solar Panel Protection Mesh Installers UK

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