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Stop Pigeons Nesting Under Your Solar Panels in Milton Keynes

Today we have been in Milton Keynes bird proofing these solar panels.

This client wanted a discreet, long lasting and non-invasive solution to prevent feral pigeons nesting under his solar panel array.

These solar panels had only been installed for around six weeks when the client noticed the pigeons had already begun to build nests under the solar panels.

Our technicians are all RSPH Level 2 qualified pest control technicians who are qualified to work under general licence to disturb and remove the nesting birds.

So you can be sure everything has been done within the law.

We specialise in bird proofing solar panels now, this line of work has grown massively for us over the past 4 years, to the point where it is all we do now.

If you would like to check out some of our other recent work please see our Facebook page at >> DKG Pest Control

For a free quote please click here >> Solar Panel Pigeon Proofing Quote Request


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