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Solar Panel Pigeon Proofing in Southampton Hampshire

Bird Control Hampshire

Today we have been in Southampton bird proofing to prevent feral pigeons nesting under the clients solar panels.

The solar array had only been installed in May 2023 and pigeons had started nesting under them in July 2023.

Luckily there was only one tiny nest with no eggs or chicks present.

Bird Proofing Mesh for Solar Panels

The client has asked for our 12.5 x 12.5mm black pvc coated pigeon proofing mesh to be fitted to his solar panels to match the black edged panels and dark roof. As you can see from the picture above the pigeon proofing mesh is hardly visible from the ground, it is a very discreet yet highly effective solution.

How is the pigeon proofing mesh held to the solar panels?

Our solar panel pigeon proofing kits are all completely non-invasive.

  • We don't glue anything to the solar panels, which can restrict the expansion when the panels heat up in the sun.

  • We will never drill holes or screw anything into your solar panels when installing our bird proofing kit.

  • All of our bird proofing mesh is fitted to the solar panels with one of a range of clips designed for your specific solar panel brand. These are either UV stabilised plastic clips that utilise the return under the panel or sprung metal clips.

Does bird proofing solar panels work?

As a company we install around 100 bird proofing kits a month to properties with solar panels, we work with many of the national solar panel installation companies to provide out bird proofing services, as well as working directly for domestic and commercial clients who find themselves with a pigeon problem.

We installed our first solar panel proofing kit in 2017 and since then we have installed thousands of kits all over Southern England.

We have never had a bird get back under an array of solar panels once we have proofed them, and usually within a few weeks all the pigeons have moved on.

How do I get a quote to pigeon proof my solar panels in Hampshire?

We have a quick and easy web form you can fill in which will give us all the information we require to provide an accurate quote here >> Solar Panel Proofing Quote Request

You can visit our main website here >> DKG Solar Panel Proofing

If you'd like to see more pictures of recent jobs we have completed we update our Facebook page very regularly here >> Facebook Page

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